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Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“After years of confusion and struggle in the job world, I finally found my calling as an entrepreneur in 2003. To my delight, I thoroughly enjoyed starting my own business and it prospered accordingly. By 2005 the business was thriving and I was dominating my niche industry.

In 2006, however, things started falling apart; with no experience in how to handle professional success, money that seemed so abundant was just vanishing. More importantly, my personal life was in shambles and I had little hope…

When I first started working with Phil, we began an assessment of the major areas of my life. An honest appraisal revealed an average “rating” of 2 (in a scale of 1 to 10) in all areas, professional and personal. I’m sure glad Phil knew what to do, because I didn’t! We started with an outline of daily scripture, prayer, scheduling, and personal development. Phil also helped me on a very practical level to address my immediate situation; saving my business while I was growing personally. With the accountability and guidance of our regular consultations, I found I was actually able to accomplish a large percent of the things that I had committed to doing in our meetings.

Although at first I could not quite see how I was going to get out of the fix I had gotten into, two important things started to happen. Firstly, I found that hope had returned to my life. Having some idea of where I am going, a plan to get there and accountability to someone turned out to be the magic formula for hope. Secondly, my life actually began to improve! Without going into all the details, let me just say that things are better than they’ve been in many, many years.

From time to time friends ask me if my ” coach” is worth the cost. I answer: absolutely! It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”


Entreprenuer, Adjuster Pro

“I wanted first say thank you for coaching me, my life is at a new level.

I met Phillip a few years ago and had the opportunity to work with him in business. I would always tell him these crazy ideas that I had. I remember the day that he looked at me and said what are you going to do with these ideas you have? I was puzzled at this point, because I had no idea. Phillip helped me get a plan together to accomplish my first major goal. I wanted to have a surf clinic for all ages in my area.

Phillip taught me how to set daily goals that were obtainable for me that also help me towards my major goal. At first I didn’t think it would work considering he has no idea about surfing other than it takes place in the ocean. I took a chance and did what he said on a daily basis. I followed his instruction of setting times, dates, and the activities that would be involved. I was accomplishing the small goals and it started to build my confidence.

Today, March 2nd, I just completed my first clinic – I had a goal of 20 students, I had 21 that participated =). Phillip coaching me through ‘the process’ of setting and acting on my goals was a tool to accomplish what I had dreamed of doing. We have many more events set up now and I’m also coaching on a consistent basis. It started with and idea, and now its reality! Thanks so much Phillip for your coaching and helping me believe in myself. Its the small things that make the difference!”

God Bless!

Josh W

Professional Surf Coach, Charleston Surf Lessons

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