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Are you frustrated with your results at work? Are you struggling with your team and the organization’s performance? Or maybe you are just getting started in business and not quite sure what to do? Are you looking for how to discover your purpose, mission, and career direction?

Phillip Moss offers easy-to-implement, proven solutions that empower you and your team to be better aligned, more effective, fulfill your mission, and succeed.

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Phillip deeply understands that in order to help organizations and businesses succeed, you have to first help the leader succeed. He provides principle-based coaching and advising that equips entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizational leaders on how to win at work and succeed in life.


Customized business coaching for leaders and teams that helps facilitate organizational excellence through strategic planning, group coaching, and alignment of people and processes to the company’s vision and goals.


Proven solutions to attract, engage, and retain top talent which produces a healthy culture of growth and sustainability. For more information on Phillip’s HR services, visit: QualifiedHR.com


Helping leaders solve
problems since 2007

“Phillip has helped me tremendously in both my personal life and my business life. He has walked with me through some very difficult seasons in life and I can say, without a doubt, that I would not be where I am today without Phillip’s guidance, coaching, and genuine care for me, my family, and my business. If you are looking for proven solutions that really work and help you grow, I highly recommend you contact Phillip.”

- John G

General Contractor

“Phillip is a skilled and trusted advisor.  He combines a lifetime of personal experience with education, patience, and humility, to help people learn how God created them and identify His plans for their lives.  This is not a mere academic, but an investment from someone who has walked the hard line himself and is now showing others to way to true success.”

- Rachel H


“Phillip’s guidance over the past couple of years has been vital, extremely profitable in my business career and priceless in my family life. He has a unique ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture in MY life and help me refocus on what I need to do today so that I will end up achieving my longterm goals in the years to come. If you are looking for guidance in multiple aspects of your life, then I can confirm that you are looking at the right person.”

- Erik J


“Phillip added incredible value to my life. One thing that immediately comes to mind while reflecting on our time together is his ability to parcel through all the seemingly disparate talents, passions, and experiences of a person to help them see a better, holistic picture of who they are.”

- J Tom S

Entrepreneur and Pastor

“My career wouldn’t be where it is today without Phillip’s guidance at a pivotal point in my career when I was wrestling with could-do’s vs should-do’s. Phillip’s engagement and involvement in my career and personal growth far extended beyond the “contract” of his services. Even more awesome at this stage is that I see and I am convinced of much more potential relative to where I am. This is all due to training and preparation on so many levels as a result of my interaction with Phillip.”

- Onome U

IT Leader

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